Technology to Help You Stay Connected

How to Cope With Social Distancing

When you live in a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment, and your state or city has issued a “stay-at-home” order, feelings of isolation and boredom may be inevitable. With the right technology, though, you can maintain virtual contact with your friends and family. 

Take a look at these apps and websites that can help you stay connected to others:

Video Conferencing Apps

Most people who work remotely are familiar with video conferencing apps like Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and GoTo Meeting. These apps are also useful for purposes unrelated to work. Use a video conferencing app to host a virtual hangout with friends, play a game of charades, or – if you’re a musician – have a jam session. 

Snap Camera

Video chats are even more entertaining with Snap Camera, a free app that allows you to use Snapchat lenses while you’re using your webcam. If you’ve ever wanted to be a piece of talking bacon, or to have enormous googly eyes, this is the app you need. 


Social distancing rules do allow people to go outside for exercise, and if you’re a runner or a cyclist, the fitness tracking app Strava can help you interact with people and stay motivated. With Strava, you can share routes, set goals, track progress, and offer encouragement to other Strava users. The app also has a feature called Beacon that lets you share real-time location information with a trusted contact, in case of emergency.


If you enjoy online gaming and haven’t visited the Steam website, now’s the time to check it out. Steam has a massive catalog of games you can download and play with friends (or random people), and it has an online community for discussion of games and all things game-related. 

Virtual Tours

Searching for an Indianapolis apartment close to downtown? River West Flats offers virtual tours, so you can see apartments from wherever you may be. As an essential business, we’re still actively leasing – and you can get high-speed internet here, so you can stay connected with the people in your life. Close to major trail networks and open green spaces, River West Flats is a great place to call home. Call us now at (317) 743-2758.

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