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Create Big Style in a Small Space

There are many things to love about studio apartments – the open, airy feel, the minimal utility costs, and the fact that small spaces are so easy to clean! When it comes to decor, a little creativity can make your space feel much larger than it is. We’ve got some tips on how to maximize space in your new studio apartment at River West Flats.

Let Illusions Work for You

One easy way to make a small space feel much bigger is to use mirrors. Strategically placed mirrors can open up a room, creating the illusion of a doorway, and making it seem like the room extends past the existing walls. Experiment with a large, full-length mirror, propping it securely against a wall to see where it has the most impact. You can also use a mirror directly opposite a window to create the illusion of another window.

Get Creative With Storage

In a studio, storage space is always at a premium. Make the most of the space you have with some creative storage solutions:

  • Use the space under beds and couches. Consider using furniture risers for your bed frame to buy yourself a few more inches of storage space.

  • Think vertically. With smaller square footage, the space above the floor becomes even more important. Sturdy bookshelves and stackable storage pieces can help you stay organized.

  • Use double-duty furniture. Many manufacturers offer furniture specifically designed for smaller spaces that also doubles as storage. TV stands, ottomans, side tables, and even couches and bed frames can be found that include built-in storage.

Make “Rooms” Without Sacrificing Space

If you find you want a little more of a division between your living and sleeping spaces, a room divider can make all the difference. Beyond the traditional paneled screen divider, consider using innovative solutions like a freestanding wardrobe, which can create privacy as well as additional storage. For those who prefer less furniture but still like having separated spaces, a rolling garment rack outfitted with full-length curtains can be a moveable barrier wherever you need it. 

Come to River West Flats!

With three studio floor plans (as well as one- and two-bedroom floor plans) to choose from, River West Flats offers the best in small-apartment living. We’re just blocks from IUPUI and downtown Indy, with plenty of amenities you’ll love. Give us a call today to ask about your new apartment: (317) 743-2758.

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