Spring Freshen Up

Freshen Up Your Apartment For Spring 

Finally! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it’s probably not going to snow again. (But we are in Indiana, so don’t hold us to that.) The sense of new growth and renewal during the spring motivates many of us to make changes, switch out our home decor, and do a little spring decluttering. With that in mind, here are some our of favorite ways to freshen things up for spring. 

Open the windows

There’s no better way to invite in the spring than opening the windows. Getting a breeze moving through your apartment not only feels good but may actually have health benefits as well. Because fresh air generally has higher levels of oxygen than indoor air, it can help improve your mood, concentration, blood pressure, and even digestion. 

Do a little spring cleaning

Whether you are the type of person who feels a sense of accomplishment from doing a deep clean or you’re a little more mellow, decluttering is a proven stress reducer. Start with the closets! If there are shoes, clothing, bags, or accessories you haven’t touched in years, it’s probably safe to assume you won’t miss them. Separate your items into piles to donate, reorganize, or throw away.

Decorate for the season

If you decorate for different seasons, now is a great time to bring out that spring decor. Hang a spring wreath on your front door and lay a new welcome mat at your doorstep. Updating the framed photos around your apartment is also a fun way to switch things up when the seasons change.

Rearrange your furniture

As you’re placing that spring decor around your home, you might also decide it’s time to rearrange the furniture, too. A sofa placed in front of your living room windows is a great way to bask in the natural sunlight even when you’re inside. (Ask us about an apartment at River West Flats Indianapolis with a city view!) 

Rearrange your house plants

Your house plants, conversely, might not want to bask in the sun. Some plants may need to acclimate to increased sunlight, especially if they are coming out of dormancy and sprouting new growth. Your house plants might also need a light dusting after a long indoor winter and repotting if they’ve outgrown their container.

Add some florals to your decor

Place some fresh florals around your apartment to add some cheerful colors and a touch of the outdoors. Daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, and magnolias are in bloom, and fresh cuts not only add cheerful colors to your home but welcoming fragrances as well. 

Switch out your linens

While the possibility of a late freeze isn’t past until late April, it’s probably safe to break out your spring bedding and put away your heavier flannels and wool blankets until next winter. If your sheets smell a bit stale after coming out of storage, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes, adding a damp cloth with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. No clothesline required! 

Incorporate lighter accents

While your heavy winter linens may have featured darker colors, spring is a time to embrace pastels for your throw blankets, window treatments, table settings, and bath towels. Shades like coral, yellow, and robin’s egg blue are perfect for spring, but they look great in the summertime, too. 

Ready for a change? 

Come take a tour of River West Flats and ask us about our spring move-in specials. These flats in Indianapolis offer nine floor plans and community amenities you’ll love this spring and summer, including a pool and sun deck, dog park, and grilling deck. Call (317) 743-2758 today. 

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