Simplify your life with these 4 tips

Looking to simplify your daily life? Writing down a statement about your top four or five priorities and then evaluating how your time and living arrangement aligns with them can help you declutter and focus on what’s most important to you. Take a look at these four tips:


Limit paperwork and screen time

Schedule a specific time during the day for responding to emails, filing, and paying bills. Bundling utilities with rent is one way River West Flats helps you save time and reduce paperwork.


Live where your life happens

A sprawling country home doesn’t do you any good if your work, school, and leisure activities all take place in the city. Avoiding a long commute frees up precious time, and having the option to get there via bicycle or public transit might eliminate the need for a car. River West Flats is within cycling distance of IUPUI, and also offers shuttle service to downtown Indianapolis destinations for all residents.


Streamline your chores and errands

Limiting your transit time and combining tasks is another way to optimize your time. Fit in a workout or catch up on correspondence while you’re doing laundry. River West Flats offers on-site fitness, business, and laundry facilities so you can tackle your chores without tackling traffic.


Create a space that reflects your lifestyle

Simplify your living space by purging unused clothing, papers, and household items. After removing the physical clutter, you might realize it makes sense to downsize. Simplifying might also mean expanding into a home that offers more storage and options for organization. River West Flats offers nine floor plans from studio up to two bedrooms to suit many lifestyles. 


River West Flats has everything you’re looking for in an Indianapolis apartment. Enjoy access to downtown businesses, schools and retail, and convenient amenities to simplify your life. Call for a tour of your new home: (317) 743-2758.

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Jun 14

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