Keeping it Down

How to Minimize Your Noise Level

Have you ever had a noisy neighbor? Maybe someone who blasted their stereo late at night or an upstairs neighbor who seemed to stomp rather than walk? So annoying, right? 

Sometimes, neighbor-noise is an honest mistake (maybe they didn’t realize how loud their stereo was). If you don’t want to be that offending neighbor yourself, we’ve got some tips on how to avoid disturbing other people.

Use Headphones

At times when you’re craving some loud music, use headphones, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for volume levels. Headphones are also great for watching loud action movies. On-screen explosions and other sound effects may be audible next door, even if the rest of the movie is a consistent and reasonable volume.

Talk Quietly in Hallways

Need to make a call? Do that inside your apartment or after you’ve left the building, not while walking down the hall. Hallways tend to amplify noise, and you never know when one of your fellow residents may be taking a nap. 

Add Rugs

River West Flats has a concrete fire barrier between every floor, so noise does not often travel from floor to floor. Even so, you may want to add a few area rugs to your kitchen and living room to absorb sound, especially if you and your roommate have different sleep schedules.

Observe “Quiet Hours” 

Keep noise to a minimum during “quiet hours,” which in Marion County is the period between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Noise that might be acceptable during the day – like loud laughter, or the sound of a vacuum cleaner – could be too loud for quiet hours.

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