How to Keep Your Apartment (and Your Life!) Organized

You can find a lot of guidance out there about staying organized from people who have devoted their careers to this practice, so we’re not here to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we’ve gathered some of the best tips from organizing experts and gathered them here for you. Take a look at these expert tips for keeping your home, paperwork, and schedule organized. 

For documents, bills, and other paperwork

In this digital age, we have more options to go paperless than ever before. If you have the option to set up automatic payments for monthly bills and opt out of paper mail, you can eliminate a lot of the clutter that comes into your home. Another way to keep mail and papers from stacking up is to just take care of them. You might have heard of the “touch it once” approach to paperwork, in which you immediately handle whatever action is associated with it to avoid shuffling through an endless stack of papers each day.

Pro tip: Use the trash can, says Leo Babauta at Zen Habits. “Organizing unnecessary items is wasted energy. It is amazing how much more in control I feel just by ridding myself of now outdated articles I’d like to read ‘someday,’ or countless meeting notes from which relevant action items have already been extracted.”

For households clutter

Once you get into the habit of not letting clutter and household items pile up, it will begin to feel natural. Utilize transparent, labeled storage bins, and limit household items to the space where they’ll be used (such as your office, bathroom, kitchen, and front door areas). For example, designating a rack or hook, and a basket or shelf for all the items you need as you come and go will save you from scrambling to find them every time you leave your apartment. Storing the shoes you wear most often in a box or on a shelf near the front door will keep them from getting kicked around or tripped over. 

Pro tip: Self-proclaimed organizing goddess Sharon Lowenheim says, “Let your space define how much you can own. To prevent your stuff from taking over your home, decide how much space you want to allocate to a particular item, and then stick with that.”

For scheduling 

The common thread running through all of the advice from organizational experts and life coaches acknowledges that none of us are talented enough to remember everything without writing it down. How you accomplish that, however, is up to you. Some of us prefer to keep a traditional journal or day planner, and others keep track of things digitally. Finding a system you can stick with is the key.

Pro tip: Plan your day the evening before. "Stop work about 15 minutes early, tidy up your desk, and put away any loose items,” says professional organizer Ramona Creel. “Review your to-do’s and go over your daily schedule for the next day to decide which project you plan to tackle first thing.” 

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