Fun and functional bathroom decor

Depending on your personality, organizing your new apartment might be the best or the worst thing about moving. Some people embrace the challenge of a new project and love to organize and declutter, while others struggle with an organizational strategy to suit their lifestyle and living space. 

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, the bathroom is arguably one of the trickier spaces in an apartment to organize. With fixed structures, you might feel the bathroom offers little flexibility for organizing, but with a little creativity, even the bathroom can become a unique space with everything organized just the way you like it. Here are some ideas and inspiration for a fun - and functional - bathroom.

Take inventory

Before you move, it’s helpful to take a look at everything in your current bathroom and decide if you really want to relocate an item or if you’re ready to let go of it. 

In your new bathroom, organize similar items into piles. This will help you get a sense of how many drawers, shelves, or containers you might need. You can do this in whatever way makes the most sense to you, but the idea is to store like items together so you don’t have to hunt in five different places to get ready each morning. For example, hair, face, teeth, body, travel, morning, bedtime, luxury/special items, and extra items.

Add your own storage

Cabinets, bins, or stackable storage drawers are handy even in larger bathrooms.

A linen cabinet is a great place to store towels and other belongings and looks more sophisticated than a plastic bin or basket. Because it’s narrow, it won’t take up too much of that premium bathroom space. This ultra-slim bathroom cabinet will fit virtually anywhere, and this tall, freestanding cabinet helps avoid crouching and bending to dig through drawers. Just be sure to measure your dimensions before purchasing.

Hang Your Storage

Door and shower organizers can help keep supplies accessible without taking up valuable floor space. An over-the-door organizer can hold items of various shapes and sizes and requires almost no extra space. A shower organizer can hang over the showerhead, or you can even place an extra tension rod in your shower to hang additional shower items. 

Lazy Susan-ify Your Space

A transparent, space-height adjustable spinning organizer is another device that saves space and keeps things visible and accessible. 

You can also place smaller spinning organizers on a shelf or inside a cabinet, maximizing height and avoiding a storage drawer scavenger hunt each time you need a specific item. 

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