Outdoor Exercise Tips

Spots in Indy Where You Can Get a Workout

When the gym is closed, and team sports are indefinitely on hold, you can still get a good workout by taking advantage of downtown-area destinations. Miles of trails wind through the Indianapolis, giv...
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Apr 24

Keeping it Down

How to Minimize Your Noise Level

Have you ever had a noisy neighbor? Maybe someone who blasted their stereo late at night or an upstairs neighbor who seemed to stomp rather than walk? So annoying, right? Sometimes, neighbor-noise is ...
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Apr 20

Stay-at-Home Tips

Things You Can Do Without Leaving Your Apartment

March Madness was canceled. IUPUI changed its classes to be online-only. And then, the Indianapolis mayor issued a travel restriction for residents of Marion County. It’s not the year anyone envisione...
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Apr 16

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